Help & FAQ's

Q: Does the London IP Exchange own the asset you are licensing?

London IP Exchange owns many assets directly, we also have access to many other assets we can acquire on a small timespan: under 45 days. Some of these Trademarks are well known to the public and might help you to add value to your product and is the fastest way to protect your products.

Q: How long does it take to acquire or license a Trademark?

Once we have agreed the license agreement with you, we can usually complete the transaction within a few weeks for Trademarks directly owned by the company or 45 days for other Trademarks offered on the website.

Q: Can I add extra goods and services to the Trademark?

Once you have a license in place we can check the availability for other goods and services and apply for an extension, the process takes about 6 months in the UK. Please notify us if you require this service.

Q: How do you reach the valuation the Trademarks and license fees?

We work with a company called    they are globally recognised authority in brand Valuation.

Q: Can I extend the trademark to other Jurisdictions such as the EU and US and other territories?

Yes this may be possible, if you do require the extension of your Trademark to another jurisdictions please contact us and we will advise you on the situation.